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There was a variety of work and styles, required for this project. The training videos ranged from fully animated, to live action animation hybrids...

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Experience the adventure in "The Tale of Sonali and Amir". Based off the book written by: Sonya Wadhera and Priya Wadhera. 

--Read moreDestiny

An animated demo showing the patent for an Angioplasty procedure designed by Dr. Khalid Al-Saadon. 

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One and three minute formats based on the long running and popular series, Cyberchase. Follow the hijinks of Hacker's dim witted henchmen, Buzz and Delete...

--Read moreCyberchase Webisodes

Based on the popular series Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, join Cat, Nick, Sally, Fish, Thing 1 & Thing 2 in a wide variety of educational...

--Read moreCITH Online Games

One minute animated video based off the APP Video Game “Slippy Spiders” for Grandline Studios Ltd. 

--Read moreSlippy Spiders

Choose Motherboard's team, and compete against The Hacker and his henchmen Buzz & Delete in a series of running, swimming and climbing races. Make sure you... 

--Read moreCyberchase Games

Alice and Bob are a very inquisitive sister & brother who ponder the questions of quantum mechanics, and how it affects their everyday lives.

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The Chinatown Cops, Officers Jay Walker and Rick Xia, self-proclaimed "super cops" will defy the laws of logic and good taste to serve and protect by...                                          

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