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Pirate's Passage

PP Poster

The Animated Feature

Format: Television Feature - 88 minutes

Producers: Mahon Pictures Inc.

Broadcasters: CBC, Netflix

Pirate's Passage is a coming of age story based on the critically acclaimed and award winning novel by William Gilkerson. Produced and scripted by Donald Sutherland and Brad Peyton. The story is set in 1952 in Grey Rocks, Nova Scotia where 12-year-old Jim lives. Faced with both the death of his father and bullying at school he befriends Captain Johnson, played by Donald Sutherland, who teaches Jim some valuable life lessons.

PIP's Role:
Direction, Art Direction, Conceptual Art Work, Designs, Storyboards, Leicas, Builds and Rigging, Layouts, Backgrounds, Colour Designs, Scene Assembly, Animation, Compositing, Visual Effects, Locked Picture, Video Post Production.