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Get your ticket and hang on tight. Jamie’s Paper Train is leaving the station on another magical adventure. CHOO-CHOO we’re going down the track.

Potential Animated Adventure Series 52 x 11 Minute Episodes

Based on the award winning short film, Jamie’s Paper Train is an animated series, which tugs at the heartstrings in all of us. Inspired by the real life story of a young boy with autism, Jamie’s Paper Train is a visual metaphor for the challenges that face those affected by the condition. 

Our 7-year-old hero, Jamie, loves to build paper trains. He is a funny, creative little boy who is bravely meeting the challenges of his autistic world. In his search for comfort, in an over stimulated world, Jamie finds escape through his passion for making paper trains with the love and support of his parents and grandfather. Ever since Jamie’s grandfather, Donald, moved in with the family to help, he started sharing his magical train stories every night with Jamie before bed. All of Donald’s tales are magical ones, as he takes Jamie and his two friends, Maddie and Jake, on a whimsical adventure aboard Jamie’s Paper Train.

Through the grandfather’s stories we will meet new characters and visit magical destinations. Whether it’s a visit to the beach to explore sea life on land and water, a bike ride through the cornfields to experience life on a working farm, to playing in a park enjoying a swing and flying a kite - Jamie learns all about friendship, bravery, trust and love as he discovers new things about himself and others.

Jamie’s Paper Train consists of two different worlds. The real world where Jamie is affected from autism and his magical world when he is aboard his paper train. Jamie uses this magic train to turn his life challenges into fantastic adventures for everyone to learn and enjoy. This powerful but sensitive series, entirely produced by renowned Canadian studio, PIP Animation, combines various techniques including stop motion, 2D and 3D animation.       

                                                                          Jamie's Paper Train