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Lamya's Poem

LP Poster

Lamya's Poem (Coming 2021)
Animated Feature

Format: Feature Film - 88 minutes

Producers: Unity Productions Foundation

Lamya’s Poem is an original story which weaves the lives of two remarkable young teens.  Blurring the lines between fantasy and fiction, Lamya’s Poem parallels the life of the famous 13th century Persian poet Rumi and a modern day Syrian girl fleeing Aleppo named Lamya.  Their lives are separated by 800 years but they become bridged in a crumbling Dreamworld full of hyena like warriors and ancient monsters.  As the veils between each of their worlds thins, Rumi tries to help Lamya find herself as she faces life as a refugee.

Rumi (voiced by Disney’s recent live action "Aladdin" remake, Mena Massoud), inspires Lamya (2017’s, “Wonder” actress,  Millie Davis) through his poetry while fleeing from the onslaught of the Mongol army.  Guided by the wisdom of his father, Baha Wallad ("Star Trek’s", Faran Tahir), Rumi matures from an impatient teen into the poet who inspired millions around the world.

PIP's Role:
Animation Direction, Art Direction, Visual Development 2D & 3D, Conceptual Art Work, Designs, Casting and Voice Records, Storyboards, Leicas, Builds and Rigging, Layouts, Backgrounds, Colour Designs, Scene Assembly, Animation, Compositing, Visual Effects, Locked Picture.